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Default Can't stand it anymore!

Ok, I have this GINORMUS problem! I'm 14, gonna be 15 in December and believe me I've tried and tried. I've gone to jackinworld, tried ALL the techniques, but just CANNOT Masturbate! I think I have like erectile dysfunction or something! I can get it up, beleive me, I can. But when I get it up, my mind wanders off and I can never concentrate. I don't see how all these guys just sit down and do t everyday, I've never done it! I mean, I know I don't have to, but my boyfriends always want to know how often I do. And when I tell them I never have it's like saying....that you're just an immature little prick.

It worries me. So much. It's like, what if I can never have sex?! It's horrible! I've considered talking to a doctor....but I just don't know. I sware I've been close before, but it's like I try, and I get precum but I can never cum. It's so dissapointing every time I think about it...Please Help Me.
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