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Default Re: Question for conspiracy therorists

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Ok lets pick apart your spelling challenged post one sentence at a time.
As if you had any right to insult a person's intelligence based on spelling and grammar.
Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Hmm if I show so much ignorance then why dont you shut me up by proving me wrong in a debate, which I dont think anyone has done so far as much as they would like to believe. So I show racism care to show me that. So I believe america is so great, well by the statistics it is one of the best countrys, and like I said I can't fairly judge other countrys without going there, you seem to not be able to read (this sentence is a run-on). I am not single minded (put in a comma) you know NOTHING of me. I find it funny how you call me a southern hick when you are from Texas and I am from minnesota,(put in a semi-colon) I believe you just owned yourself. awww does swearing hurt your feeling (ZOMG YOU FORGOT TO PUNCTUATE!!!) I am sorry you can't handle a few naughty words (comma) I will be sure to tone down my launguage. Light of truth, what that 9/11 was staged and it was just an excuse for bushes private war for oil and drugs! (should of been a ?) Ha dont make me laugh, if there is a so called truth please show me (PUNCTUATE!) O thats right you can't because I will just pick it apart just like the other stupid arguments that people throw at me. I have my videos to show that there is good in Iraq (period or semi-colon, your choice really) and (take out "and") our troops aren't running around killing children in the night like kerry (capitalize proper nouns!) and the extreamly stupid popo like to try to show. I would be happy to debate you on a VT TS somtime (comma here) PM me. I am also a HUMAN just so you know, I do compare boths sides of the spectrum and I have concluded that the left side at least now days is full of shit that is so easy to pick apart or resorts to saying we are slaughtering babys to get people to jump on the party wagon. (run-on sentence)
Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
I believe you just owned yourself.

And so we ignore the beggar's cup
Praise your act in the Grand Finale
Teach the unborn the winners sign
a welcome grin to the world Royal
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