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Unhappy i need advice bad

Hey...umm.... tryin to find right way to say this... Im 14 and im pretty sure im gay. Im having a rly hard time trying to come out to my parents and friends. My parents are really republican if you understand that. And my friends... they're always ripping on the gay kids at my school and im forced to go along with it and it's rly hard to try and ignore it and let it roll off my back. Im embarresssed to say it but I rly dont want to be gay. It just kind of came up on me. I dont even act,talk, walk, ect in any gay way. Ive tried everything i can think of but im just gay. Im not embarressed to say it to myself cause i finally admitted it to myself but like i said, i dont know what to do about my friends or my parents. I was brought up being told that being gay was ethically wrong but i think that's a load of shit. But no one else rly seems to. =/ And i have this horrible paranoia or contracting and STD. Im really lost and really need some help here. So any advice or time you might be willing to share would really go along way. Thank you for listening.
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