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Default Damn.

ok. Me and my friend Desire were waiting for some of my other friends so we could take the bus. i told her i say them and her went to the bus stop. the wern't there.Like 10 mins later they called me on my phone.i asked where are u? She said that she was next to the school.Desire grabed the phone."thing said u left"she said "no we didn't!" i grabed back the phone "stop lying i saw u and kate leave" "no we next to the school".
me and desire went back to the school they wasn't there so we went back to the stop.when we were about 1 block away from they stop i saw kate and them run to the stop and after them a bus. we ran and ran but we didn't make it.then i called them desire grabed the phone "where are u" i couldn't hear what kate said "do u think i'm mad" desire said. then she hanged up on her.then she started talking to her self.after that she said that she wanted to hear the voice of her father.i looked away she said whats wrong i said i never got to know my father.Then she asked what happen he died or did he leave" i said that he left then she started to talk some stuff about allia's dad.
then out of the blue she asked what ur deepest darkes sercert i said it's too deep. she said com'on tell me.the bus came and she still kept asking me.i was about to tell her at one put but b4 i could try some teens got on the bus a boy sat near us.she whispered that boy looks gay.then i just turned away like i didn't hear nothing and i felt like i was about to cry. i told her that i was gonna ask ya should i tell her that i was gay.
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