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Default Re: One Nation, Under None

Originally Posted by Phillzzy View Post
so, all the people in the world are just going to let this one person tell htem waht to do? People will give other people their wares without money because then they in return can get other wares for no money, there wouldnt be a need for money or power or classism or anything, people will be in a universal mutual agreement of freedom. "I give you my apple today, you give me your orange tomorrow, I dont tell you what to do, you dont tell me what to do"
well, trust me, I don't think that if one person wanted the power, they wouldn't be little dumbasses, and go do it by themselves... they would have people who follow them, and trust them and this person who wants power, would promise them exactly what they wanted... money and power... why hasn't anyone out of the million of people who hate bush to death, killed him?? or, let me give you an example of my own that I lived... why hasn't anyone killed Chavez venezuelan president if there's so many people who hate him?? because they have followers, and these people will do almost anything to protect them... think about Fidel Castro... he's a fucking idiot, who has made out of cuba a missery, but there's still people who follow them... I don't know if you ever saw that video where he falls, and in matter of miliseconds everyone's running up to him like little thirsty dogs... it looked pathetic, but thats what they beleive...

Ohh yeah, and the money thing, and the apple, and orange thing... I don't think it would ever work... the world turn because of money... so, I don't think anyone would ever give it up...

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