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Default Re: The Mayan Prophecies and December 22, 2012

Well, it makes sense to me. And kudos to you for going through the info. There's also a Catholic prophecy that has been right to date, and says that we're on our second-to-last Pope before the end days. Add that in. Anyway, guess we'll just have to wait and see. Personally, I was hoping to see how far gaming could go in my lifetime, but the end of all things doesn't brake for anyone

Anyway, we're also not supposed to be able to predict the end of all things (according to Daniel or Revelation, sorry, forgot), but then, if we kept saying the world was going to end tomorrow, we'd eventually be right, so a NO predictability scenario can be ruled out anyway. Unless by guessing it will be tomorrow will actually put it off . . . Watch us all forget to guess it will be tomorrow on December 21, 2012 >_<

Anyway, kinda happy it'll be in our lifetime if it turns out to be the case, but by the same token, would like to be older age when it happens.

ANYWAY, the most accepted theory on this Mayan callender thing is that they saw no need to make any dates beyond that. It really was just what it sounds like, A CALLENDER. Even we don't make callenders with more than 3 years on them. The Mayans probably just said, "Hey, you wanna relist the cycle of things again?" and the other guy said, "Yeah, uhhhhmmmmm, 4000 lunar years on this thing already, so . . . no." (Not sure if that's the actual number of years on it, but I'm saying it to make a point, not be historically accurate).

Well, most, if not all of us will get the chance to see if they were right or not, eh? I reserve the right to post on this topic later!

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-- Gideon, Babylon 5
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