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Default The Mayan Prophecies and December 22, 2012

The Mayans. An ancient civilization that is said to have been so accurate, that their calender predicted the first two world wars and their own destriction.

Unforutnately for us, the Calender ends on December 22, 2012...supposedly the end of the world. This is recent updates however. The Mayan Calender is based off of astrology, or the position of the stars and the sun. Now, when their calender predicts the first two world wars and their own destruction, whos to say that we are all going to be slowly eliminated on December 22, 2012.

The end of the world, based on the Mayan Calender sais that the sun will cross into the very center of the milky way cuasing the spirit world and the human world to combine.

"Woe to you, Oh earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast of wrath, because he knows the time is short..." - Book of Revelations

When the spirit world and the human world combine, a cold freezing winter will come...and anger and chaos will errupt...hence the beast of wrath. Ok so maybe the Mayan Calender and the book of revelations do have something in comming (except the whole 666 thing).

"Behold the Lord's day, a day of fury and wrath, which will reduce the world to solitude." - Book of Revelations.

Another similarity. At the end of the book of revelations, The devil is cast into a sea of fire and peace is restored for over one thousand years. Apparently, the same thing happens with the Mayan Calender....all of the spirits that have caused chaos are cast into a sea of fire and resotring peace for the human race, causing the entire world to start over.

The Revelations prophecy sais the same, after all of the chaos and hell, the devil is cast into a sea of fire for a thousand years leaving us in peace and solitude.


1) The spirits being cast into the sea of fire for over a thousand years and the devil being cast into a sea of fire for over a thousand years.

2) On December 22, 2012, spirits are released into the human world causing chaos. The devil is unleashed into the world on some day (not 666 considering its already past) releasing havoc.

3) After each prophecy, it ends in peace, and it will happen again, in another couple of thousands of years. The only difference is revelations sais that Armmagedon (the battle for Isreal) is repetetive. The mayan calender ends in 2012. The reason its repetetive is because during each generation of human races, we eventually go to far and break a covenant with God, and revelations starts, starting the whole cycle over again.
The steps of that is:
1) The covenant is made
2) Sin is started
3) Revelations stars
4) Armegeddon which decides everything about the next generation.
5) Repeats.

The mayan calender sais that after 2012, the world is set into hell until finally the Gods throw the spirits into a sea of fire and there is peace for ever. It doesn't repeat.

So does the Mayan Calender really predict our doom? And did the mayans predict the whole book of revelations before John even wrote it in the bible?

Who knows.

(Pretty creepy, huh?)

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