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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Originally Posted by Skittle Flavored View Post
ok, this is a story i havent told ANYONE!!!! so yea...well, i was at my friends house, which was huge!!! we were all there cause we were going to play hide and seek... it was dark....i came in late, and people were changing into dark clothes...i walked into a closet that was...occupied by a boy the same age as me *this was the beginning of 7th grade btw* and he was openly gay... i always that he was kinda handsome, not cute, but handsome....anyway, he turned around and he was BUCK NAKED! and, i got soo....happy....and i kissed him.....for very an hour.....and then, a boy walked in, not noticing us kissing, and crouched down....he was in his black boxers, and no shirt...and happend to be gay too....and i liked, i left the other guy for a second, and started kissing the guy who walked in.....and then the 1st guy came over, and started, like, petting the guys chest....and i got sooooooo horny...and then all of us 3 started...getting it on............i wont go farther, but when we finished, there was no1 else in the house...and it was midnight.....yea...THE END!...dont laugh....
im just like you except with girls i was at my friends house and we were playing a game....i believe it was hide and seek and it was in the dark and i went into a closet to get changed and a girl didnt know i was in there walked in when i was nude and said whats up i said hey and then she said i like girls and then i said me too and then we started making out she stripped down and we did it hardcore
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