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I have (and had already) read all of your posts word for word.
maybe i got confused some where. You seem to talk about Atheism, and agnositcism. tell me if i have mischaracterized what you said.
-If ur saying that if(assuming that) there is a God, a heavan, and a possiblity to not go to heavan.
-Then ur odds are better as an agnostic, as there is nothing to lose. I agree with this, as u said X+1 is always > X
-(i could have taken what you said wrong, but... tell me if i did)
-Trying to say that being of a certian faith, as opposed to being agnostic, gives you a greater chance, i don't agree with. As it may or may not, we just don't know.
-First off, religions can say just about w/e they want.
-for my example i will use Christianity. Christians generaly belive that it is better to be a good person than to belive something that is wrong, like; radical islam, various cults, ans such. You would be better off being an agnotic.
-Many religions belive that not bleiving in the particular religion that they practice doesn't guarantee hell, but doing things/believing things that are taught in certian other relgions (radical islam, radical christianity, cults, ect) will.

And I discounted your negative number idea in my last post, which you chose to blatantly ignore.
U can't just go around chosing what to discount on other ppls post when ur reasong isn't accepted, cuz the reasoning doesn't make sense. Please awnser my question form last post

ok, Rogue 4, please awnser these simple questions,
-Do we know the value of any of the variables (or if u chose to say that they aren't variables, any of the numbers)?
-Are there any "givens" about the variables (or if u chose to say that they aren't variables, any of the numbers)?

but I do intend to show anyone who is an adimant disbeliever that there is certainly a possibility of their being wrong, and giving them something to consider.
-I accept that there is a possibilty of being wrong (im agnostic).
-all that im saying is that What god (if it/he/she exists) decided to let ppl get into heaven can't have a number put on to it.

(i thought i knew what you meant, but maybe i didn't, please tell me if i didn't)
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