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OK, I'm too lazy to grab your posts, let's do this sherade again.
NAME ONE RELIGION THAT SAYS YOUR ODDS ARE BETTER AS AN AGNOSTIC. ONE. And I discounted your negative number idea in my last post, which you chose to blatantly ignore. Oh, and I was gloating partially, but my being versed in physics is VERY RELEVANT to the rest of my argument, which you will not go near, evidently. And I cannot prove God's existence with numbers, but I do intend to show anyone who is an adimant disbeliever that there is certainly a possibility of their being wrong, and giving them something to consider. Oh, and my being well versed in mathematics means I may have a better concept of what math actually is, rather than a person with a more limited view who may only understand hard numbers. Some things in math cannot be changed. A positive value, no matter how infinite or infintesimal, added to another value, whether that value is positive, negative, imaginary, or even undescribable, STILL INCREASES. Tell me I'm wrong. Try it, please. I'm getting a little heated by people not understanding, or immediately fighting me WITHOUT EVEN READING THE ENTIRE POST! This isn't a debate, it's me explaining something and someone else coming in with little more to say than "NO, I CHOOSE TO IGNORE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE GROUNDS THEY DON'T AGREE WITH MY OWN." And still, no one will attempt any other part of my original post. Even if you win this ONE point, if it is all you can debunk, I still prevail. If you choose to drag this on further, my next post will be very short, to the point, and something you cannot retaliate to for the sole purpose of shutting you up. I want a debate on what my original thoughts were. Not your thoughts on my thought on your thoughts on my thoughts on your thoughts of my original argument. And by being agnostic, you still increase your odds beyond that of an atheist. WHICH IS WHAT I'VE BEEN ARGUING THE WHOLE BLOODY TIME!!! If you want to dissect this post, you had better tear it apart in context and leave the reasoning intact. Your last one was a poor job, as you leave out the reason I gave you for being wrong, and attempt to attack me on the grounds of your post before that. And NeverLetGo, I'm sorry, but you have no right to refute ANYTHING without seeing everything in context. Read my whole post if you wish to debate with me. I read your whole post.

Plato once said there was a perfect form of everything -- a perfect dog, a perfect chair, a perfect man -- and that everything was a shadow of this one perfect form. Now, if we follow this line of thinking, that means that somewhere in the universe there is the perfect form of the perfect, absolute and complete idiot, and he left here an hour ago.

-- Gideon, Babylon 5
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