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North Korea wants to negotiate we have stuff they need but kim...well....hes not overly bright so instead of just calmly asking for assistance and comming to an arangement he does what hes always done he causes a huge political uproar and pits the major players against eachother (usually china and america at odds) but he miss calculated when he tested the nuke not only did he embarass the fuck out of china his number one ally thats now pissed at him but for the first time in like decades the security council had a unanimus agreement almost imediatly after the reported test
everyones pissed at him now
hes gonna pay dearly for it

and now that the United Nations Secutiry Council is threatening severe sanctions some of which are trying to go so far as push for Chapter 7 to stop him
facing this hes threatened to fire a missile
it wont reach north america probly japan but all the major inteligence agencys from around the globe say he still dosent posses the ability to make a bomb small enough to fit on one of his missiles

hes just threatening and trying to blackmail the security council.....BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Council seated five permanent members who were originally drawn from the victorious powers after World War II

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