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Default Re: One Nation, Under None

I think its a bad idea...
Humans are humans, and nothing is going to change them... most of these humans (most, for about 90%) live only because they want more money, power, and be above everyone else...
No matter what, there will always be this kind of people.. just imagine, I'm studying in history, the prehistoric, and even then, there were assholes who wanted all the power for themselves... they were never happy with what they had, and they wanted more, and more...
[UNQUOTABLE CODE]To make an example, this is the reason of why I think the church is full of BS... they are human beings, and all they want is to be powerfull, and have more money, and have all they want... this was an example. so don't make this thread abour religion, PLEASE, don't make this thread another religion thread... [/UNQUOTABLE CODE]

Thats one reason

The other reason, would be that, there will still be wars... haven't you ever heard of civil wars?? wouldn't it be the same?? there would still be different races, religions, people different than other, with different thoughts, and perspectives of live... there will still be politics, which NOW, is what is destroying the world, because these people don't agree on how these other govern, so a civil war starts... then, these other people try to look this kind of government ridiculos, stupid, with no sence, and not fair...... there would still be thousands of problems, AND MAYBE EVEN MORE... just think.. I'm guessing this one, but I'm not sure if you mean it or not... anyways, there would be only ONE person who will govern the world... I don't think most people will like that... so they will start another war, v.s the actual president (no matter what) because they also want some power, and they will give anything to it... and the power and money part comes again.....

A question:

Why would we live in one same country?? what would it help for?? in what way?? just wondering...

In other words..... I don't think it will ever happen..

Even if, I wouldn't mind peace part

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