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Default Re: When to Start a War

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
Cody I would like for you to not post such unessesarily dramatic photos that I personally deem inapropriate. Remember, this is a PG13 site. Lets keep it that way ok. You can remove the photos on your own if you would. Thankyou.
no if an admin or GM wants to edit my post they can go ahead but i find it funny how everyones all big and bold saying lets do this lets do that then they squirm and freak out at just a few pictures

war is a very messy bussiness
if your old enough to act all tough about it and be like "oh yea we should go bomb the shit outta them ha ha ha" then your old enough to face the realitys of it
besides PG13 allows some blood and gore according to wikipedia anyway
now I have seen some war videos and imagry that i will never post here these arent them
besides these are all from the week in pictures from msnbc that i've collected over time

I agree with the afgan war and with getting rid or saddam

i'm worried about North korea but i realise military action will never be takin least we wont attack first but i can see kim selling off atleast one or two of his lil bombs to the highest bidder hes desperate for cash and has tried the arms trade befor

I'm worried about Iran becoming a nuclear power and what that would do to the stability of the middle east the attacks and effects it can have on my people and our allies

I'm worried that even though weapons tecnology is far more advanced then it used to be civilian casualtys is WAY up compared to previous wars and confrontations

I'm worried that there isnt enough soliders right now to cover eachothers backs and we havent supplied the needed equipment that will bring a quicker end to resistance saving our soliders lives

I'm worried about the sorry state of my countries millitary how the liberal party let it fall into such disrepair the shortage of soliders and the lack of needed equipment

i'm seriously considering enlisting many people around where i live either already have or are considering it aswell
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