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Default Re: The Great Debate Debate

BY Kolte in this thread....
Fuck the rules of vt are you kidding me? This is a debate forum, Anyone can try to keep peace there gonna find it very difficult....
You get overly offended and way to into things you gett all emotional and puss out.....
by kolte not in this thread
You say you are an intellectual, yet you cannot show any respect to anyone else? Surly if you were an intellectual you would have the common curtsey to be open minded.
I don't have a fucking degree in fucking socialist theory or anything you fucker. God I wish I could slit your throat online. You annoy me.
stop calling him a liberal you fucktard. You don't even know what that word means. And when did he say he watched fucking cnn. What a load of bs. You should be lynched.
You are the sheltered fool my phantom friend. CRY "CRY YOUR GUILTY TEARS. I sentence you to one long nap of 90 million years!
Then why arent you rich. FUcker
your sad sad brainwashed little fucker.
fuck iseral. Fuck the united states of america. Fuck capatilism. Fuck religion. Fuck mankind. BAH. I hope we all die.
In fact I hope you die of starvation after your mother is raped in front of you with a splinterd tree branch. Go to hell you spoiled damn nerds.
Cody I would like for you to not post such unessesarily dramatic photos that I personally deem inapropriate. Remember, this is a PG13 site. Lets keep it that way ok.
hmmm... was that before or after the part where u wished raped on mom with a splintery tree limb and the i would die of starvation?

Thaks for doing ur part in keeping the boards civil....

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