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Default Re: communism(discuss)

Fairness. Equality. Is that what we have now?
-I never said that we had fairness, or equality. It was a discussion about a theorietical utopia (probly not based in reality)

I see gas prices skyrocketing
Funny, what have gas prices done in the last few months?

the more happy I am. In fact I hope you die of starvation after your mother is raped in front of you with a splinterd tree branch. Go to hell you spoiled damn nerds.
As long as were all being civil, rational and generaly NOT flaming or anything like that.
(theres that pesky u wishing death on me again, its like the 4th time this month.)

I see a hungry child sifting threw a trash can behind a fast food joint, even when both is mother and father work double jobs.
the average income is soming like


Frequency-1 in 2

1968 after tax Income-7,000

1990 after tax Income-18,000

If 2 average ppl (50%ile) work 2 jobs each, then they should be making something like at least $37,000 a year. Thats enough to get food and an apartment. for the bottom 25%its 22k, also enough.

Poverty line for: Four people, including two children under 18 years -- $17,463

currently in the US 10% of ppl are below the poverty line, I think this # is way too large and we should do more to lower it.

Children dying in the streets of Iraq who whould have been alive if this war wouldnt have happend.
Its estimated that because of saddam and his actions, which lead to UN sanctions caused the easily avoidable death of someting like 500,000 children under saddam.
Thursday, August 12, 1999 Published at 14:02 GMT 15:02 UK
At least she is surviving. Unicef estimates that at least 500,000 children have died, who ordinarily would have lived.

The united states and Isreal cleansing an entire people.
-where is this genocide happening? (i assume thats what u mean by cleansing)
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