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Default Re: Non Self Harm Callendar!

@beachgurl, what's a vm??

@SithLord13, you don't understand. I didn't choose to stop cutting. My mom made me stop. It was not my descision and probably never will be. Once I get my own place, I can cut all I want!!!!!!

Firstly, there is an edit button for a reason, please use it and do not double post.

Secondly, a VM is a message that can be posted to peoples profiles, if you look on both your own profile and other users, you can leave a message as long as it fits within the rules.

And thirdly, this thread isn't a discussion thread, if you want to get help or talk to another member, do so by the VM system or create your own thread. It's okay to leave supporting messages to other members, but don't have a conversation.


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