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Default Re: Been cutting since I was 10

"i started to believe them, ad hated everyone." Ignore them; you're getting emotionally bullied. Make friends who will actually like who you are and not how you look like.

"i tried cutting for real. It hurt... but I liked it because i felt better about myself and everyone." How does it makes you feel better about yourself and the people around you? Please explain.

"Now, I do it ATLEAST once a day with razors i get form my dads workshop." Eww.. that gross. Stop it; it's not healthy.

"if i dont cut, people will make fun of me and the pain will be terribel. if i do cut, people will make fun of me and the painwill be terrible." Hmmn.. multiple choice? Well, if people will make fun of you both ways; why cut yourself? It proves that your SUPPORTING them!

"i see you guys who are really mature here, and how you help people, and i want in! please!"
This is an INTERNET forum. If you want mature help, you should go see a psychiatrist.
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