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Default i dont know what to do

I ask this one girl out about a month ago everything went well for 2 weeks then she calls me and breaks up with me. Yea I'm hurt. Yet I had no idea what i did. I was sad and asked her friend out by text message which she declined. Then she showed my gf the text messages and my gf gets mad at me, but we weren't dating at the time. So then after a few days we get back together. Then a week later all her friend tell me shes cheating on me and I have many mood swings so i break up with her. I really didn't want to. So i told her friends i broke up with her because of that reason and they said they were lieing, but they sounded serious when they said it. Then she wont talk to me today. Then at liek 7:30pm she calls to tell me that she used me to get over her ex boyfriend who hates her. She said that if I didn't ask her friend out she would have never realized how much she loved me. And now she cant decide to go back out with me or ask out the ex that hates her. I was wondering if I should wait for her or just move on.

This other dillemma ive been having is. She always insults me or makes me mad and jealous. She can hug a bunch of other guys and me not take it against her like shes gonna cheat on me, but i just get that weird feeling. Also i hugged one of her friends (she hugs all my guy friends too) who is a girl and she gets all emo bitchy on me and says why dont you just go out with her instead. She calls me ugly and says things like "its over" just to mess with my head. In the end shes like oh im just kidding if i really thought you were ugly i wouldnt be going out with you. Its just been really getting on my nerves and when i confront her about it she gets mad at me for getting mad at her.
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