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Not necesarily.
-whos to say that x exists?
-whos to say that the "1" exists?

-what if religion is a test, and if u join you fail?
-what if joining a religion iscolates you from more religions than if u were agnostic (lowering you odds)?
-The "1" could be negative in the above case. and "x-1" is always lower than "x"

The point is, neither u or i can prove the variable (or the constant in ur equation) so any equation made with it is basicly rabdom. If i were to rewrite it it would look like....

"x"+"y" must be greater than z to get into heavan
{x,y,and possibly z can all be negative numbers} (adding negatives is subtraction)
{x and or y, y and or z, and x and or z, and x, y and z, may not actualy exist}

not so clear cut hugh?
the end point is....
-u can't prove that theorieticly, what ur saying adds and doesn't subtract, or any of the other stuff. they are ALL unknowns

is x+y greater than x-y? no way of knowing, as it can't be proven. what y is. It could be 1 or -1 or 0 or any number.

That is where ur logic is flawed.
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