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Default Re: communism(discuss)

But on terms of fair-unfair, I think this system is utopian indeed, no?
It is not "fair" in any way, it is "equal". There is a differnece.
-Fair is every one gets what they deserve, and no more or less.
-Equal is every one gets the same amount.

Humans aren't the same thing as other humans, they are unequal. One person may be able to life 450 pound, and another only 100. One may type 1000 words per minute and the other 5. Is this equal? no.

while humans are unequal, the fundamental value that i live with and im pretty sure that you do to, is that the "value" or "sanctity" of a person is equal. (life has value that is =, human life=human life.) So we aford them the same rights.

A system that doesn't reward the hard working isn't fair, its unfair. A system in which ppl get just as much for being an artist, as a field laborer, as a teacher, as a musician, as a Hot dog stand worker.
-Lets say that the field worker works eight hours in 90* to restore electricity to the city.
-at the same time a teacher teaches 2nd grade and has the kids take nap time and then reccess. Should they both get paid the same since they are both working? NO.

(in respose to future possible comment)
The concept of the government paying ppl what they think that theyre worth (varying amounts) doesn't make sense either. Would the Gov look at every body and then decide? would the employer get to decide? (if the workers elect the employer, then wouldn't they elect one that would pay them as much as possible always?). Theyr are numerous problems with this system.
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