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Default Re: How Modest, is too Modest?

well, im a guy and i can reasonibly see how u'd be afraid to see a gynacologist, id be fucking nervous too. im alot like this, but im comfortable talking about sexrelated stuff in situations like health class, or with my friends, with them ill say anytyhing. but i do hate it when my mom is like "i dont want you learning about sex through porn, sex is a beutiful thing" i hate it when she goes on about that stuff. its normal to be scared to talk about sexrelated things and ur body together, but i think you need to "bight the lip" a little more because if something is oging on that you think is wrong, then you need to be able to pull through at get help from a doctor. its hard, i know from experience, but it's necesary for your health and you need to put it before your nervousness is offline