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Sorry, I went back and read my post, and it's more of an attack on you. You weren't attacking me, but I was up very late, and had been reading another thread on another forum putting up with 5000 flames, so I read your post anticipating hostility.

Anyway, I'm going to end this by saying a variable (X) is an unknown real number, or even if it cannot be defined, there is a universal truth in saying that this variable is still greater if added to ( (X+1 > X+0) ). It doesn't matter if the variable is an immeasureable number, or even if it infinitely high or low (in which case, it cannot be reduced, anyway, so it's still read as infinity plus one). The number could even be imaginary, but so long as it has a positive value added, it will still become greater than the original value. If we are judged according to works, then most of us might go to heaven. If we are judged by faith, only those of us that have it go to heaven. I have one (1) more instance where I go to heaven. It is a positive, real, measureable number, and is likely a possibility as any other, so it must be equally considered. Therefore, what ever my initial chance is of going to heaven, you can add one more instance to it where I do (X+1). What the original value is, or even my choice of faith, has no bearing on the odds. They are innately better than those of an atheist. Even if God weren't there, it's better to consider the possibility rather than to blatantly disregard it. It's possible for an organ inside you to quantum tunnel out of you, to a place three feet in front of you, or even for your whole body to quantum tunnel to Mars, did you know? The odds are so low that it would take longer than the life of the universe for it to occur, but no less, it's still worth knowing. You need not worry, I don't think, but if you should suddenly find yourself on a barren, rust-colored wasteland with near-no breathable atmosphere after reading this post, remember that you were warned. It can happen. Don't ignore it. Just because it defies a person's common sense doesn't mean it ceases to exist because of their ignorance.

Would you like to pick up any more points to debate from my ORIGINAL post in here? This one's being overused. My math isn't lying to you, what you see is how it is, REGARDLESS of situation. X + 1 will always be greater than just X. X is just the base number of possibilities one has in life, whether they go to heaven, whether they die and nothing happens, whether they are reincarnated. Consider it that I just have one more possibility. And that possibility is going to a higher plane, a heaven. My odds are immediately better than those that would shrug off religion altogether. This is not a jab at what religions are right, I can argue that later, but the fact is, the odds are better for anyone that believes something rather than someone who believes nothing. And reread my little physics and math lessons above if you must. Do not try to debunk just the last paragraph (sorry, people on other forums are dimwits who do this all the time), the reasoning is clearly stated throughout the post. Take it all together and in context, or none at all.

Plato once said there was a perfect form of everything -- a perfect dog, a perfect chair, a perfect man -- and that everything was a shadow of this one perfect form. Now, if we follow this line of thinking, that means that somewhere in the universe there is the perfect form of the perfect, absolute and complete idiot, and he left here an hour ago.

-- Gideon, Babylon 5

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