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Default Re: Mother Goes to Court to 'Unadopt' Boy

i dont care, you're the foster mother and this boy has been living as your foster child since he was a lil kid. you cant unadopt him,thats just terrible. by adopting this person you accept them into your life, and now that you learn about these types of things you cant just throw them out. you have to work through them and get past the hardships. it would be different if it were 2 people dating one learns the other's past and doesnt want to really be aroudn them anymore, but you've adopted this person as your son, thats very different. i veiw it as being the same as learning that while your son was away at college he did a bunch of stuff that you cant beleive and have never agreed with. as a result there are restrictions on who can come in the house while he's there. you cant tell him not to come back, he's your son. you have to get off ur ass and work with it and try as hard as you possibly can to get things done and straighten things out. is offline   Reply With Quote