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Default Re: communism(discuss)

But, again, this is a long, long way off
-unless time changes human behavior and nature, then this eutopia ia a long way away indeed. Humans aren't perfect, never have been, so we must embrase a system that understands and has things set up for this.

-Communism, as i see it, doesn't do this, as at some point u are doing extra for nothing (not for your self) and u can't get many ppl to do something for nothing, when the alternative is being "lazy" and doing what u want. (Im not saying that communist dictatorships are really "communism")
-In recent (current) history, to get around this, "communist" countries have been ran by a dictator, with varying degrees or failure. Often, up to millions of ppl end up dying and usualy personal freedoms are heavily restricted.

Giving someone too much power, and no accountability, is a bad thing.
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