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Default Re: communism(discuss)

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
(i am 15 years old also)

-A summary is a summary, by definition it isn't the whole thing, and so it can't work on its own.

-The problem with ur latest adition is that there is no motivation to have a good bussiness, shop or w/e. No matter how "well" you do you can't ever get more money (or anything good), so there is no reason to serve the ppl well.
-Why would u "invest" some of your money into a bussiness that you aren't going to get anything out of? The point of investment is that you get more back later.
-lazy ppl would just become "artists" and do a lot of "thinking" (absolutely nothing)

tell me if u disagree w/ any on this/\or\/

The problem i see with communism (or extreme socialism) is that if you go too far then theres no motivaion (for most ppl, unless u have a dictator), if u have motivation then u have gotten urself all the way around the circle back to capitalism or something very similar.
you have raised very good points. I can see this working, by if you cant maintain a good buisness and a good work ethic, the government will cut your pay accordingly. working hard is important for
1) your manager wont fire you
2) the government will pay full salary
3) you might be (if you choose to run) elected for store manager

its not true capatilism, because the money is just a symbol to give you choice in what you want to buy. The government will give you anything you need, but you wont get the best cars, or the nicest of the houses, or any food for a special occasion, those are the things you can use your symbolic money on. money just represents credit you get for having worked, and those credits you can spend on whatever you like, save them up, spend it on a nice car, add a new bathroom and bedroom for your new baby, etc.

Now, This isnt Communistic Anarchy. That phase of government will have to come gradually, stemming from this phase. This is a kind of Democrasy, not the faux democracy we have today in the US (this is for another conversation). It would be better if every single citizen with a middle school education could vote on everything, but there are just to many people for that to work as a whole civilization, such as the US or Britain. This communistic democracy can really only work in small tribes, and maybe a city, but not for whole countries and maybe even the whole world. eventually, we would make minor changes to ease ourselves closer to less and less government control, less and less money, less and less of evreything, until all you have are people who are willing to live like this, to make things and give you things. It would require an unprecedented amount of generosity and understanding. The public institutions of today would shift to the private sector, and people would just live, no one actually owning anything, but everybody owning everything.
But, again, this is a long, long way off

you can bomb the world to pieces
but you cant bomb it into peace

life is to short to make just on decision. musics to loud for just one station. love is to big for just one nation, and God is to big for just one religion

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