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Default Re: communism(discuss)

(i am 15 years old also)
another thing, i was hoping we could get away from exact specifics, because im only 15 and i dont like to discuss them. Communism as a general principle and a summary of how it would work, is where i would like to head back to.
-A summary is a summary, by definition it isn't the whole thing, and so it can't work on its own.

-The problem with ur latest adition is that there is no motivation to have a good bussiness, shop or w/e. No matter how "well" you do you can't ever get more money (or anything good), so there is no reason to serve the ppl well.
-Why would u "invest" some of your money into a bussiness that you aren't going to get anything out of? The point of investment is that you get more back later.
-lazy ppl would just become "artists" and do a lot of "thinking" (absolutely nothing)

tell me if u disagree w/ any on this/\or\/

The problem i see with communism (or extreme socialism) is that if you go too far then theres no motivaion (for most ppl, unless u have a dictator), if u have motivation then u have gotten urself all the way around the circle back to capitalism or something very similar.
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