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Default Re: communism(discuss)

you basically cant earn more money than everyone else. you get a fixed salary, and maybe a little increase if you are the manager of the store. the purpose of getting money is just to be able to choose what you spend it on, i suppose. you could save it, spend it, throw it away, but you earn the same amount of money that everyone else does. This is the only limiting factor keeping somebody from just getting whatever the hell they want, or not being able to choose whatever they get. the managers would be either voted on by the employees of the store for someone who can accept resoponsibility and use it wisley. another thing i never mentioned, was that if you choose not to join a business, you can register as a frrelance (insert job here) this is for all the artisits or writers and jobs that dont take buisness' to do. Carl Marx always said socialism was the first step to true communism, when eventually you dont need the government to control buisness anymore.

another thing, i was hoping we could get away from exact specifics, because im only 15 and i dont like to discuss them. Communism as a general principle and a summary of how it would work, is where i would like to head back to.

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