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Unhappy Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

I stopped cutting right around a month ago. NOT MY OWN DESCISON!! I'm in my own personal hell without the feeling of cutting. Without being able to look at fresh cuts. I'm going insane. My mom will not let me cut myself anymore, yet...she doesn't provide me with another way to cope!! She's having me, her and my 3 sisters talk to a family therapist. I would be able to talk about my cutting and get the help my mom wants for me if only I was alone talking to the therapist. I can't talk about cutting with my 10-year-old sister sitting right there!! She looks up to me--for what reasons I don't know. If anyone can talk to me so I can resist the urge to cut (because my mom won't let me) Please please help!! Here's my aim: Jesusaweiss....thank you....I hope I can make it through this....
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