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Are you really going to attempt to attack religion, claiming that you only believe in facts?
-I try to only belive in facts(truth), or inferences from thoes facts, and possibly things that are likely.
-I think that religion isn't based souly on facts, thats where faith comes in.

I know it doesn't have anything to do with faith or a belief in God. If I brought that in here, you'd be attacking me for it,
-U did bring it in, as your end result is the belif in a god/religion.
-I try not to attack ppl, and if i did or it seemed like i did i appologize, (I hate flaming)

I was attempting to appeal to everyone on a purely scientific basis
This is possible in religion, up to a point, and once faith is required that point has definitely been crossed, and thats ur end result correct?

only to turn your back to logic when it disagrees with you?
In an argument about something that isn't completely logical, there will be iligical or statments that lack logical support.

-Where did I turn my back on logic?
-It is a very strange thing to try and argue something (religion/God belif) that can't be fully logical or reasoned, and say that the other person didn't use reason at one point.

and you become angry
-I didn't get angry, At least i don't think so, and if i do get angry I generaly don't start petty insults or flames.

If there are 10,000 religions, and only one is right, would it not be better to choose one then forego all of them and guarantee damnation?
-This argument is based on prior assumptions that can't (or haven't) been proven.
-no one knows if only one is right, or if none are right, or if it even matters to God, or even if god exists for that matter. There are way too many IFS in the argument to apeal to any one in reality. theoreticly any arbitrary thing could send you to hell (if there if a hell).
IMPO, assuming that.. (not fully logical as it deals w/ the unknown)
-there was a god,
-there was a hell,
-ppl could go to hell,
-and that it was because of things that we did on earth,
----then what would send u to the heaven (or similar) would be good deeds.
----YOU DON'T NEED to be religious to do good deeds.
If god expected ppl to pick a religion in hopes to go to heaven, then what would happent to all of the ppl that truthfully loved mankind and god (if there was a god) and did all that they could, but they simply lost and went to hell (or similar) becuase of the random "crap shoot"? This doesn't make sense if God created a heaven for us to go to IMO.
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