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Default Re: The Dumaniz (name may change)

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So, then the 2-legged emaciated cow is running at me with a sword. Oh, crap, I thought. I stood with the pipe, when an idea struck me. I flexed an invisible muscle in my head forward and suddenly Ro was struggling to take each step.
“So, I guess that sword is made of iron, eh? Bad luck,” I say smiling annoyingly.
Ro glared at me, leaning over, pushing herself. Then an expression of evil lightbulb-switching-on washed the glare away. Then her sword became solid gold. Magnets don’t work on gold, I remembered while cursing. Rowena whooped a war cry and brought the sword down on my head. I blocked it with the heavy pipe. “You-“ she slashed and I blocked- “Little-“ she jabbed at my abdomen, and I blocked-“cheater!” I said.
“I’m not cheating, I just have a more useful power!” She whipped the sword around impressively a la Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings. Again, I started to stretch a non-existent mental muscle. I let go of the rod, and just as I hoped it floated in mid-air. I pushed it forward. It went straight for her left eye. It almost hit her before she toppled to the ground. “Now who’s cheating!?”
“Ro, that attack was lame and immature even for you.”

That stupid…freak. I was mad-no, I was enraged. With a roar that sounded as though it came from an animal, I kneeled and feigned injury, holding my sword arm. He let his guard down, thinking he had won. He was wrong. Fueled by anger, I thrust my toward his gut.
Instinctively, he tried to block…with his arm. A huge gash appeared on his arm, gushing blood. A bit shocked, I fell backwards an landed on my butt and watched as he grasped his arm. His face was twisted into a grimace of pain, shock, and perhaps a little fear.
So many emotions bounced around my head like the little lottery balls before Jeopardy. I wasn't really trying to kill him…was I? How much trouble was I about to get in? For lack of a better phrase, he wasn't going to tell on my, was he? I mean…he had only tried to do the same to me when he forced me to give him abs…right?

“AAARRGGHHH!” I hollered. That little freak, how could she even… my thoughts trailed off in anger. “Imagine my arm uncut NOW, RO!” I was so angry that steam was probably snaking out of my ears and nostrils.
Her face remained emotionless as my arm healed. I stared at her, my face contorted in pure, deep anger. I didn’t even say thank you. I walked behind the kitchen’s island. It was tall with cedar stools. I washed my bloody hands off in the sink.
“Shamus, I’m sorry…” she whispered, but I could tell she forced out her apology.
“You should be.” The water scalded my hands. Twisting the hot water knob while twisting the cold water knob in the opposite direction, I looked up. She was sitting against the wall. I think she sensed my eyes on her emotionless face, because she met my gaze, which I drew away by turning around to get a paper towel.

"You're lucky you can heal that," he said, pressing wiping his hands. I looked at him, puzzled.
"Shamus…I didn't do anything," I said. It was true. I was afraid that I'd think of something worse. He looked up at me, sharing my puzzled look.
"But then…what happened? Oh! I get it! You imagined that I was hurt, but it wasn't real, because you're not strong like that, and it was just an illusion to freak me out. Oh yeah, I thought I was the immature one here," he said.
"You are, but that's not what happened. You were really cut, but you like…healed yourself or something. It wasn't me," I explained.
"That means…WHOA! That's AWESOME!" with this, he picked up one of the knives on the floor and scraped a small piece of skin off his arm. This too, bled, but not for long. In two and a half seconds, it healed without even leaving a scar.
"AHA!" he said, leaping into the air. "I have TWO powers! You only have one! Bwahaha!"
"Hel-lo?! I've got WINGS! I'd call that a bit of a power, wouldn't you?"

“Oh, don’t ruin my fun!” I started to feel like a god. I could barely remember that I was turning into a freak. But then I remembered.
“Ro, seriously,” I began. She scoffed. Rowena obviously couldn’t imagine me talking seriously with her. “What are we going to do about this? You can’t just sprout your wings in the middle of English and I, well, you know…”
She looked at me with a stern look. “Shamus, I thought about it already.”
“I don’t know!”
“Well, glad to see you’re on top of things.” Instantly I got an idea. A simple one, probably not foolproof, but if Ro didn’t like it then she could just shut her face for all I cared.
“We could play hooky tomorrow!”
“What will that help?” she asked skeptically.
“How are you helping by criticizing me?”
“I can’t help it, it’s a habit,” she said with a feigned sigh.
But seriously, her attitude was not helping this situation at all. Could she care less about any of this? I drummed on the countertop twice, and mimed hitting a cymbal with a drumstick, making a “TSTSTSH!” sound.

"Could you at least STOP that!" I shouted. Any sort of banging on countertops annoyed the living crap out of me.
"I will if you'll take this seriously!" he replied.
"I am taking it seriously!"
"Oh yeah, right," he mocked.
"Listen, I think out of the two of us, I'm the one who's more concerned their social image, don'tcha think?" I asked.
"Oh yeah. So that's why you constantly embarrass yourself. You know, I always thought that was to get attention. You know, that's a funny way of getting a good social image," Shamus replied, leaning against a counter.
"You. Are. Impossible. I'm leaving. Fran'll be home soon, and Mum wants me there when she gets home," I said, turning to leave.
"I'll tell Joey you said hi," he said. I could hear the smile in his voice. I had to physically stop and count to 3 before I did anything. After debating on what to do, I walked out the door, leaving Shamus inside, his mouth actually closed for once, and bound with ducktape.

As Rowena left the room, I suddenly was overcome with duct tape. Yes, I know how odd that sounds, but in a flash it was wrapped all around my head. Angrily I tore the strip over my eyebrows off. “OUCH!” I screamed. I think I had literally ripped my eyebrows out. As I slowly peeled the tape off, I silently cursed Rowena.
What was the point of that conversation if Ro and I hadn’t settled on anything except for the fact that yes, we still hate each other.
I threw a large glob of duct tape from my face in the trashcan. There still was some on the back of my head. To the people who are reading our story, here’s a bit of caution: Never think it’s funny to force people to rip all of their hair out, because no matter how tough you are you’ll hate it too.
I sat in the living room while I watched the news turned up as loud as possible. I was slowly ripping out the duct tape. My mother had already stopped by, and then she went to go grocery shopping.
“Ow. Ow. Ow.”
I had finally got the last piece of duct tape out of my hair. I crumpled the pieces of hairy duct tape into a ball and tossed it.
On the news, they were switching over to the sports segment now. The theme music for the station’s “Sports Corner” was incredibly loud. Cringing, I hastily pressed the volume down button on the remote. Zzzitch. “AAGH!” I received quite a brutal static shock. I inspected my shocked index finger, in which I could clearly feel my heartbeat. Sparks were dancing from middle to index, and middle to ring fingers. The scientist in me began to formulate a theory.
That storm, I thought, shocked my house with lightning, which went through the phone I was holding. Which shocked me. Only I didn’t die. It must have…I paused, and I suddenly thought I knew what happened, (someone watching me think must have seen my face light up) the lightning charged up all the iron in my body somehow, and they became magnetic. I became magnetic.
But I still didn’t know what to do about it. I couldn’t see a doctor, then I’d probably, like I argued with Ro, be sent to Area 51 or something to be tested on. My autopsy video will be stolen and copied and bought by a bunch of U.F.O. nerds all around the country…
No. I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I was just going to have to cope.

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