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Default Re: i'm so very tired...

Originally Posted by some1 View Post
It's my senior year, so everyone is busy trying to apply for universities. i'm trying to apply to universities in the states. i have essays to write, universities to apply to, everything.

I am so tired. Right now, Im crying to bad. I'm so afraid none of the schools wont take me. I'm not that good in school, my SAT scores aren't exactly in teh 600s, espiecially teh stupid math section. I swear by teh end of the year, if i dont get accepted into one school, i will kill myself.

My mom is counting on me the most. She works so hard, alone to get me and my brother into good schools, and I dont think ill make it. everyday, she prays that il go to good schools, i and i think im failing her, cuz she wants me to try applying to harvard. she is so sure i could get in. My grandfather sed he was even planning a party for me when i graduate to celebrate being the first in the family to go to an american university.

So the pressure is high on me. I swear, i feel so horrible everyday. i dont think im going to make it. I swear, i will kill myself if none of teh schools will take me. I feel so bad for being so lazy. i cant help it. i just cant study hard enough. im so afraid none of these schools wont take me...
pleeaaaase jowie, dont kill yourself you're going to make me soo sad...

Don't worry about it so much hun... it happens to everyone, just keep looking... there has to be a university that accepts you, no matter what...
Don't think you are failing someone, because you just can't do something... you are just you, and you have a limit of yourself...
Just try as much as you can, but don't stress it that much... someone has to accept you, and someone will...

Dont worry, everything will go fine
If you need something, email me, PM me, or get onto messenger... I always try to be there

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