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Default Re: communism(discuss)

entertainment jobs are, as many agree, actually very valuable to society, for relaxation, enjoyment, and advertising as well (commercials on TV). Those unemployed will be unemployed for a good reason, such as disability, fired, etc, you will recieve government aid in the form of necessities, such as food, water, electricity, etc. you have 1 year to find a job until they start taking things away, starting with electricity, then transportation, etc, until all you have left is food and water and medical, after 2 years, i guess. im not so sure how this would work exactly, im only 15, but something along those lines. if you choose not to work, you get no salary, for one, and you have 1 year until we start taking things away, and you must work for another 5 years before you can choose to stop working and still recieve benefits, or something.

Now, comes small buisness management. those who are managers/owners of the buisness will have all rights to fire or hire whoever they please, but keep in mind they are losing an employee, and will have to hire another. these small buisness managers will be just that, managers. they oversee their individual locations. there wont be chain restaurants or movie theaters or shopping centers.

Now, as for investment. I am not well versed on capitalist investment either, so im just taking a guess. anyway, if its all small buisness, there will be no need for investment, really. if you really want to, i guess, than it has to be open to everyone with money. buisness growth is limited, i would have to say, because super corporations need to be avoided.

as to unfavorable jobs... i mean, you cant have 50 people working at a McDonalds, can you? you can only have so many employees at a certain location, that you just cant take on anymore. those that have been refused from other jobs may find that sewage or recycling work may be their only means of a salary, and continued government benefits.

Of course you could choose the job you wanted. you just apply for it, just like today. whether the manager of the buisness you are applying for wants you to work for them, is another story.

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