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Default Re: communism(discuss)

ok thats all fine and good, logical, democratic even. Theres just one problem.
**I know u can't speak for every one, so say what you think should be done**

What happens if i decide not to work?
-Would i still get paid?
-Would i still get medical, emergency services, and w/e that im asuming it is free to all workers (correct me if im wrong)
-Would i be forced to work?

-What if im terrible at my job, it could be form laziness or lack of skill, or im disabled or w/e; Do i still get paid as long as im working?
-If I can be fired then who can fire me?
-Could ppl choose w/e job they wanted?
-would there be entertainment jobs? IE: sports player, singer, clown.....
-If there was a job that no one wanted, but it was important to the community (like working at a sewage treatment plant) would someone be forced to work there? Keep in mind you can't "pay" them more than every one else, as every one gets paid the same amount.

is there investment?
If so who decides the investing, the ppl with their yearly salaries, or elected people?
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