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Default Re: An extremely emotional dream

It's a weird analogy, but nobody really know what they do with killed babies...(at least I don't). I imagine just trashing them would start to stink after a while.

If God wanted us to live perfectly and without obstacles, He would have created us like robots, or made us directly go to Heaven. Treat what you go through as a way "to win your Heaven" as the French idiom goes. You might think some people have it easier than others : not really. Everyone has their obstacles, some have them sooner and some have them later. My obstacles are a consistant solitude, tons of fears and insecurities and poor self-esteem. But I'm not worried, as I'm certain I will win my Heaven, and you shouldn't be worried about your time on Earth being hard either. The best has yet to come ;D

And who knows, it might get better a little farther in time. Maybe you'll be the CEO of a great multinational who wins enough money to be able to wipe with 1000$ bills. Maybe you'll be sort sort of scientist, a revolutionary in any aspect, or whatever. Don't get down now, as I said, the best has yet to come.

Whoops, drifted off a tangent. I really think you should ponder the ins and outs of that dream if you want, as depressing as it might be, you might learn a little more about yourself.
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