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Default Re: Question for conspiracy therorists

Ok, I didn't mean to ask what you though about what happened, i meant to ask what you would have done, or wanted to happen.

City bombing is a terrible thing, but in WWII the bombperscision wasn't too good, and targeting was difficult. Every effort should be made to destroy only military(enemy) targets, it is definitely possible to cross the line.

War is a terrible thing, when u have to drop 2 nukes on them to get them to surrender, its an even worse thing.
This was a real situation.....
-2 rival ethnic groups the hutus and the tutsis have coeqisted for a long time, but the hutus are a larger % of the population.
-The Hutus get machettes and their hate, and start to systematicly kill every tutsi that they can find.

What do you do?

All i can tell you is what happened...... Nothing happened and 1 milllion ppl were killed with knives.
-The U.N. was in the country but did nothing, and neither did any one else.
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