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Default Re: communism(discuss)

wow, thats the best rebuttal i have ever seen on this forum. congratulations.

Unfortunatly, I am afraid I have to hand it to you, the system has some pretty major flaws. I am not as well versed on the subject as many (Kolte especially) and cannot give you a real answer. As far as my understanding goes, for communism to work, there has to be power in small buisnesses, like store managers. there would be no big corporations, and noe single buisness controling the whole of anything, like the US economy or microsoft or walmart or anything. there would be fair wages, i guess, until other matters can be worked out. everyone gets pretty much the same salary, but you can choose how to spend it. food, transportation, shelter, and neccisary services (mail, doctors office, etc.) will be provided by the government*, but anything having to do with pleasures or anything (such as a TV, or a couch, or basket ball) you will have the option of buying with what money you have. there will be no taxes, because there will be no need, all services will be provided by the private sector commisioned by the government.

now, when i say government, i mean it lightly. there will be no president, no ruler. there will be a legeslative system much like the United states, but much bigger, and less corrupt. they will decide the law, and commision private services to accomodate the citizens. it will be very large, and they will be elected in sets, a fourth of the members run for (re)election every year, with 4 year terms, and a 3 term limit. if one resigns, there will be a new election withen the next 2 months from whatever sector/state that representative was elected from. the two bodies, essentially the senate and house, will act just as the united states government works. however, they will be paid the same as everyone else, aproximatly 45-70 thousand "dollars" per year. they will not be able to change this. they may make laws in accordance with the constitution, which garuntees human rights and libreties. the constitutionality of these laws will go to the people to vote on. the congressenal system will be a body of the people. any changes to the law will be voted upon by the leaders of each individual person, or maybe city leaders. a 2/3 majority is required for a law to be passed. the only veto is by the people.

thats all i got for now, have to do homework. i am starting to like this debate.

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