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Default Re: Why do people think Communism is evil?

there already is a communism thread for some of this stuff about would it work and stuff.
There is a reason that Communism has goten a "bad wrap", and il list them.
As of 2006, there are five Communist states in the world: China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam

Past human rights issues include the Great Leap Forward, a policy that caused 20-30 million Chinese to die of starvation, and the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, when 400-2000 protestors were killed and 7000 to 10000 were injured.

GDP - per capita $6,800 (2005 est.)

However, censorship is widespread in China. There is heavy government involvement in the media, with many of the largest media organizations being run by the government.

-Cuban missile crisis
GDP - per capita: $3,500 (2005 est.)

The situation of human rights in Laos has often be recognized as a cause for concern. U.S. State Department reports on human rights around the world declare that most Lao trials in 2003 were little more than pro forma examinations of the accused, with a verdict having already been reached. The State Department indicated that in some instances, police administratively overruled court decisions, at times detaining a defendant exonerated by the court, in violation of the law. Moreover, while Lao law prohibits torture, members of the security forces reportedly subjected prisoners to torture and other abuses. A significant issue in human rights in Laos is the presence of anti-government rebels, mainly of the Hmong ethnic minority, who have reportedly been harshly treated by the Lao government.

GDP - per capita $1,900 (2005 est.)

North Korea
the government of North Korea controls virtually all activities within the nation. Citizens are not allowed to freely speak their minds and the government detains those who criticize the regime. The only legal radio, television, and news organizations are operated by the government. The media universally praise the administration of Kim Jong-Il, who remains the unelected leader of the country. The use of political prison camps and torture to control the population is common and documented by many sources.
North Korea's state-controlled economy has stagnated since the 1970s. By the 1990s, agricultural output had tumbled so far that it induced widespread famine, which killed between 600,000 and 3.5 million people.
-there nuke program, when they starve their own people

GDP - per capita $1,700 (2005 est.)

In its 2004 report on Human Rights Practices, the U.S. Department of State characterized Vietnam’s human rights record as “poor” and cited the continuation of “serious abuses.” According to the report, the government has imposed restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association. Citizens are denied the right to change their government. The government continues to hold political prisoners who have expressed views at odds with government policy.
Vietnam has no independent judiciary, and there is no right to a fair and speedy trial. Human rights organizations are not permitted to operate. Discrimination against women and ethnic minorities, child labor, and prostitution are serious problems.

GDP - per capita $2,800 (2005 est.)
(some have said that the Vietnamese market isn't really communism anymore)
there don't seem to be many communist (now and past) that are at the or near the top of any of thoes good lists, like GPD per capita, Education, Health care,.... in short all the things that cumminist triumph as their goal.

You will say that there hasn't ever been a "real" or the "right kind" of communism implimented, but do you know how many past communist states there were?
got there and check it out.
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