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Default Re: Stage Of Puberty ?

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Hi there, I have a few questions and would like to know what stage of puberty i am at

I am 15 Years Old - 16 In November
My penis is abou 2 inches when it isnt errect and about 4 when it is errect.
My voice has no sign of breaking
Starting to get Pubic hair under my arms and around my penis
not much hair on my legs
My Cum is a clear liquid - and not white
also i have some white spots on my penis and i dont know what they are, there is quite a few of them

thanks please let me kno as this is very frustraiting.
My Penis size really does get me down and i hav conciderd suicide, but havent got the bottle to do it.
Girls are intrested in me but i am to ashamed to say yes if they ask me out.

Please could you also tell me if there is a diet possibly that would help the process of puberty.

I also dont want to go to the doctors and wont because i am too embarrassed


there's really nothing wrong with you. you are beginning puberty. trust me, your penis will grow, your voice will break, you will get more pubic hair and more hair on your legs and your cum will be white. the white spots on your penis are also nothing to worry about. that is hair growing at the bottom of your penis. and there is absolutely no need to consider suicide. you really are perfectly normal.

just feel lucky that you have girls interested in you who are asking you out.

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