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Default apparently i ruin lives.

fuck this fucking cunt><
sry. i'm so mad and depressed right now.

ok so my dads had this gf, maria, for like my whole life.
i've NEVER liked her.
she used to live with us but she moved out.
so her and my dad are cooking thanksgiving dinner.
and my dad tells me to bring down my dishes
and i said i already did (because i did)
so maria says you missed some (which i probably did by accident)
so i said " so i guess the sign on my door saying stay out means nothing?"
and she says "yes "
so i said "dont tell me yes, you dont even live here"
so she starts freaking out says fuck this i'm leaving i'm not taking this.
so my dad asks me to apoligize
and i said no because i'm not going to apoligize for just saying something thats true.

and he says "thanks for making my life miserable"
so i said "fine fuck that, i'm not eating dinner, so its stupid to leave jsut because of me, fucking happy?"
and now i'm upstairs.
your welcome for making your life suck dad.

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