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todays society of teens haveing under aged sex (or isnt maried) is just plain stupid of them. did you know almost all of teen mothers ends up liveing on welfair that is not a good thing if you thought it was. now if boys rape you thats a whole nother story but were not talking about rape now are we. now if you have sex BEFORE marraige then get married with him befor breaking up then haveing a baby who dosnt even know who his basterd father is. and growing up with just one parent is not good for a childe its just inhuman so plz and i say PLZ think befor you act. one of my friends girl firends had sex with him on ther 1 month aneversery and then after she said "were going to fast" then dumps him! and 68% chance now she is pregnent so For the love of god just dont be stupid.
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