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Default Re: When to Start a War

Originally Posted by -[[NeverLetGo]]- View Post
I don't believe in throwing the first punch (wow, I'm really one to talk...)

I have different views on this:

If we KNOW their going to invade, ie such as Nazi Germany built up a humongous ground, air, and naval force and was trying to push other countries around, yes, I say throw the first punch. However, if their like Iraq and couldn't hold their own ground if they used every citizen they had, then it is not only stupid, but a waste of time and money to start a large ground offensive.

I understand that we need to weed out terrorists. But first, I think we should work on building up our home turf, then we should focus on weeding out those sadistic bastards.

I agree, but how about instead of throwing the first punch, we hold up our arm in defense?

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