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Default Kaylie

I fucked up and now I'm beating myself up about it.

I told Kaylie's (my gfs) mom that she'd been having severe, severe vaginal pain, which she has, but I broke Kaylie's confidence and now I feel HORRIBLE about it. I was concerned, but now she's incredibly pissed at me and I'm just confused. I can see why she's pissed, and maybe she just needs time to think it over, but she said I lost her trust completely and can never earn it back, which may or may not be true. Now she won't talk to me and I've resorted... to cutting. I'd thought about it before but never done it, but now I've done it. My left arm is now throbbing, but it worked and now I'm calm. Everything is simply falling apart, and I don't understand anything anymore. I want to just climb in my little ball and roll away from everything until I'm ready to come back. I was thinking about isolating myself for a few days, just me and my books, but that wouldn't be reasonable. I just need help, but I don't have anyone left to turn to, besides here. I don't know what to do.


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