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Default Re: Want to ask a girl out

Originally Posted by Latino_Teen View Post
ok look now i really need advice on this . i never been on a date.
ok well theres this girl in my class tha i think kinda likes me cause she laways says hi to me and i always talk to her. well i want to ask her out cause i like her but i dotn knw when is the right time. also i want to after u ask someone out like where do u go? wats the perfect place to go on a date? and like the right stuff to do while on a date like holding her hand and stuff liek that. and also how should i ask her out? like when shes alone or with friends or on cellphone wat? please help me and likelist inportant going out details i might need
Perfect time: Being alone
Right time: since perfect will never happen, just do it whenever you can...

To me the perfect places would be: Movies, or a Park... or even a mountain...
Right places: same as perfect

Things to do: Hold her hand if yo guys take a walk... take her hand if you guys go to the movies... maybe even kiss her, BUT ONLY if its the perfect moment (she looks at you in the eyes, you look at her, you both almost at the same time move forwarddd......)

How to ask her out: From experience, I can tell you that calling her won't work... ask her out by yourself, and this will prove, that you might be shy, but at the same time you are prooving that you are courageous (sp?) enough to ask a girl out... she might like that

hope i helped...


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