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So i'm pissed.
i was at my usal friday night party with my friends when my boyfriend and my other friend disapers.
no this isnt about him cheating, you see they were both on shrooms tripping out hard,
and i love shrooms i'm all for them, but then later i get a call from my dad he says there both at my house, he sent them down to the basement to watch tv because its cold.
now i dont care if there on shrooms or not,
you dont go to my house tripping hard, when i'm not there and my dad is,
because my dads not stupid, when he hears "the walls are talking to me!" coming from the basement hes not going to think your joking.
so i'm upset but i dont know if i should say anything because it doesnt change anything><
maybe i'm really upset about something eles?
well anyway that pissed me off.

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