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Originally Posted by MadDookie View Post
Hey, I'm new here and very eager to start asking questions.

1. *I'm 14 years old.
*Pubic hair only around the top part of my penis, none underarm.
*No sign of voice breaking.
*Penis size only being 2.5 inches un-erected and around 3.4 erected.

Is this normal? And which stage would I be up to?

2. Does masturbating around 2-3 times a day during puberty effect "anything"?

3. Is it true that asians have smaller penises than the average white man/caucasian?

Thanks for taking time to answer.
1. Totally normal... maybe you haven't started thestage where your penis starts growing...

2. Masturbation does nothing but pleasure... thats all...

3. I beleive asians do have a quite smaller penis... not too big of a diference
I'm not sure anyways...

Hope I helped

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