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Default Hey.

I've made a few posts before this, but that's because I didn't see this section.

Hey, you can call me Alondite, I'm 16, I have SPD, but aside from that, I'm pretty normal (I am however prone to bouts of anger, but nothing destructive). I'm French, so expect my English to suck a little, but not too much.

My favourite un-normal pastimes include creating worlds and designing languages from scratch, working hard, being over-productive and playing with rubber bands.

My favourite normal pastimes include road running (1.5 miles and above only), jogging, biking, swimming, doing computer stuff (like programming and other nerdities) and a fairly good deal of reading. I keep in shape, but I don't like team sports.

Personality-wise, I am quite impulsive and extremely quick to anger. When I'm not fuming, I'm a cool, serene guy, a little laid-back but not too much. You could say there's the angel Alondite and the demonic Alondite. I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs, and do not plan on doing any of those things in the future. I don't really have a sense of humour, but I've been told I'm funny (sometimes). I'm quite hard-working and overproductive (like I said) as a person, but not really willing to help anyone out unless they ask. I have trouble relating to people, opening up and especially feeling emotions through all mediums, so don't be angry if you tell me "'dite, my mother died yesterday" and I reply "ah ok".

Religion-wise, I'm Roman Catholic and identify as such, though I believe but I practice only sometimes (I pray once in a while, give money and go to church when I feel like it). I'm not very stuck-up on religion, so don't be scared of talking about abortion with me (I'm pro-choice, by the way).

Politically, I'm a centre-ish guy, going a little more on the right. I believe in a mixed economy, and that liberty is important but can be limited in extraordinary situations.

Miscellaneous stuff goes here. I like old French stuff like Édith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Boris Vian, I also like crooners like Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé and Dean Martin. I like Jazz/Pop Jazz, Prog/Alternative, and I can't stand Metal, Rap, or pretty much anything else other than what I listed.

Like I said, I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs, and I am not considering any of those options for now or the future. I do not auto-mutilate, abuse anything, eat too much or too little, or anything of that sort.

I was, and still am raised in a somewhat conservative environnement, which I am well in. I'm well-mannered, polite, and obey etiquette (thanks to drilling). I believe women are people and not objects, like my generation tends to forget so easily. I believe in chivalry and gallantry, and will act as my principes dictate once I get the occasion (no people, no dating, no girl). I plan on keeping the V-sticker (read : virginity) until marriage. I rarely curse (you may never see me curse), but I like to argue.

I'm trying to open up a little more to people, so I figured joining a forum with more people like me would be a decent start. If you would like to try and being friends with me, braving winds and storms, maybe even reaping some whirlwinds, my e-mail is : [email protected]. I check my e-mail semi-regularly, so feel free to message me if you want to buddy up. That is, if you think you're ready to ride the thunder.

EDIT : Oh, I forgot, I need new (good) running shoes, my Brooks Axiom 2 are kicking the bucket. If anybody has any suggestion (if nobody has any I'll re-buy Axiom 2s, they're pro), please, please, tell me!

So, well-met everyone. I hope we'll have some fun...together.

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