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Originally Posted by Ekia aj
I disagree with the bias of B
This is a very valid statement, infact the openness and acceptance of homosexuality and other sexual taboos has increased greatly within the last two decades.

Seriously Gay people are not getting as much a hard time as they used to and it's getting much better for them. I mean you could be arrested only 50 years ago if you owned a gay bar and allowed gay people to mingle there! Praps even walking the street hand in hand with another man would get you arrested.

Now a days the only problems lay within stigma, which is a form of 'gay bashing' but it's to about the same degree as people are descriminated for their sex, race, religion etc.

People will always BASH each other, it's human nature. Even friends are offensive and rude to each other, calling each other horrible names and labels. Some people are just plain evil and are brought up to hate these beliefs of alternative lifestyles.

For every good gay guy you have 10 serial rapists, maybe 2 murderers, 30 racists, 5 homophobes whatever, you can't escape discrimination, it runs in human nature and it will never dissapear unless we are born and raised on anti depressants and taught from a young age that everyone is equal. Even then, there are billions of people, and a fwe of them are still going to spread their Ill belief systems of hate.

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