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I didn't read the whole big thing yet, but u do argue that being religious isn't bad as when you die you can't loose, but unfortunatley for what you think
-there are 1000's of religions out there
-Many (most?) of which require you to only belive in that religion

so since you can't definitivley prove that w/e is right, ur chances are down to under 1/1000. Plus whos to say that God in question didn't put religion out there as a test? and if u believe in its falsity's you don't go to heaven or where ever?

yours is a very slipery argumnet that tries to make logical sense out of something that requires faith, which almost by definition means that it doesn't make logical sense.

Plus religion doesn't abide by any rules, my religion can say that your religion means u got to hell, and yours can say that same thing about mine, can we both be right?
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