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Originally Posted by jms1168 View Post
i am now sixteen and will be seventeen in around a month and a half. my voice is deeper and a have pubic hair and some facial hair. but the problem is my penis still hasn't started to grow. my brother is a year younger than me, and he has more chest hair and facial hair than me, and his penis has grown, but mine still has not.

I masturbate frequently, around once a day. is this delaying the process, and when will it start for me? its kind of embarassing because i go to camp with other guys and all their penises have grown, and mine hasn't. also, its been hard for me with girls. is anyone else in/has been in a similar situation?

help would be greatly appreciated.
everyone have their own puberty period, starts and end at different time...
why you need to compare with your brother?

i dont think that masturebate frequently will delaying the process of puberty, and its properly will NOT...

you dont have to show your penis to other guys in that camp, furthermore, late bloomer is normal...

all you have to do is wait, btw, what is your penis size, tell us if you dont mind... =P
is any of your body hairs starts to grow already?
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