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Default Re: Mexico border issues (america)

Does any one else have an opinon on what should be done about the mexican border?
mRojas2000, i understand ur stance but keep in mind this HUGE fact

212th (out of 226 in the WORLD) Italy 1.28 children born per woman 2006 est.

Italians aren't replacing them selves, and at a phenominal rate to. when the next 2 generations or 3 are born and the old die of old age, and there weren't any imigants, then the population would be falling exponentianly (pop*.64 per generation)

so the current population in Italy is 58,133,509
in one like 80 year span, when every body alive now has died, the population would have fallen lower than 25 million, a lot lower. How werid would it be to have lost your population to your self? this trend is almos below 2.0 in the US. Imagine the entire world is undone not by nature or over popultaion, but because people stop having children.

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